KIMITAKE Announces an Exciting Partnership with Argyle & Valentine: Where Tradition Meets Elegance


Two Luxury Powerhouses Join Forces to Redefine Jewelry Craftsmanship


KIMITAKE, the burgeoning jewelry brand known for its elegance from Japanese tradition, proudly announces its partnership with the esteemed Los Angeles boutique, Argyle & Valentine. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for KIMITAKE, leading the brand into the heart of jewelry enthusiasts who seek timeless elegance and unparalleled quality. 


Founded by Kathy Rose, a successful entrepreneur and fashion queen of Los Angeles, Argyle & Valentine stands as a beacon of elegance in the realm of luxury. From owning cutting-edge boutiques like Kaviar and Kind to founding a jewelry mecca Roseark, Kathy has become a renowned figure in handmade luxuries and one-of-a-kind treasures. Known for her innovative vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, Kathy has earned a devoted following in fashion, film, and music circles. 


Kathy's keen eye for exquisite refined artisanship led her to discover KIMITAKE, a brand that has rapidly gained acclaim despite its brief presence on the market. In alignment with Argyle & Valentine's appreciation of traditional craftsmanship, KIMITAKE embraces century-old Japanese artisan techniques passed down through generations. Joining forces with this esteemed boutique allows KIMITAKE to showcase the essence of Japanese heritage with the community of jewelry enthusiasts in Los Angeles. 


"I am thrilled to welcome KIMITAKE into the Argyle & Valentine family," says Kathy. "Their uniqueness and delicate handmade pieces perfectly align with our values, and I cannot wait for their creative possibilities to unfold. I am confident that together, we will continue to elevate the standards of luxury jewelry in the 21st century."


Looking ahead, clients can anticipate a series of exciting events and activations to enhance their experience. From interactive trunk shows to exclusive dinner parties, KIMITAKE and Argyle & Valentine are committed to offering immersive opportunities for clients to engage with their collections. As they continue to innovate and elevate the standards of luxury fashion, these upcoming events will provide clients with unforgettable moments of beauty, inspiration, and connection.


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KIMITAKE is a fine jewelry brand handmade in Japan. The designs of KIMITAKE jewelry embody the miracles of one’s birth and the meeting of unique personalities, presenting new emotions born from their connection and celebrating the joy of life. People cannot live alone; through interaction and mutual support, trust, friendship, and love are born, forming an unbreakable bond. KIMITAKE jewelry is carefully crafted by skilled artisans in Kofu, Yamanashi, a region with a rich history of traditional jewelry crafts.


KIMITAKE offers a range of collections including Birth, Links, and Harmony, complemented by an exclusive service ADEVE as well as a special material Samurai Braided Cord. 

About Argyle & Valentine:

Kathy Rose, the founder and principal of Argyle & Valentine, is an established Iranian-American jewelry designer and curator. Rose established the well-known eponymous boutiques Kaviar and Kind and Roseark in 2003, with handcrafted jewelry and fine art. 


Today, Kathy has launched and introduced Argyle & Valentine. Rose's renowned portfolio is an ever-evolving portal defined by opulent warmth, avant-garde, and eclectic-influenced style. She has garnered an ever-growing, creative clientele in the fashion, film, and music industries. Argyle & Valentine is a curated collection of custom and handcrafted jewelry and art carefully designed by Rose and artisans across the globe. 


Argyle & Valentine is located in Los Angeles and is available to book by appointment.