KIMITAKE Unveils the Samurai Braided Cord Collection: A Fusion of Tradition and Luxury in Fine Jewelry

KIMITAKE, the established Japanese fine jewelry brand, is proud to announce the latest addition to its collection: the Samurai Braided Cord, an exciting alternative to the original white or yellow gold chains found in our necklaces and bracelets. This new line of cords is a celebration of the deep heritage of Japan, skillfully weaving together the art of traditional crafts with the elegance of modern fine jewelry.
The Samurai Braided Cord, also known as Kumihimo in Japan, is meticulously handwoven in Iga City, Japan, renowned for its rich history in traditional crafts and ninja. Kumihimo, translating to "gathered threads" in Japanese, is an ancient braiding technique made by tying threads together. 
Dating back to 600 AD, Kumihimo was initially used for Buddhist robes and scriptures in Japan but later evolved into an art form. During that time, royalties incorporated Kumihimo into their clothing, admiring its stunning array of colors and intricate patterns. By the Kamakura period (1185-1333), Kumihimo had undergone further refinement, earning recognition from samurai for its durability and strength, leading to its integration into their armor. Later in the Edo period (1603-1868), Kumihimo experienced heightened demand as decorative cords for Japanese swords, becoming a staple among samurai.
Throughout Japan’s history, braids have been considered auspicious, symbolizing the idea of "tying" people together and forming profound relationships. KIMITAKE interprets this symbolism as a representation of “Human Connection,” a concept the brand values above all else. The Samurai Braided Cord collection pays homage to this tradition while infusing it with a contemporary flair, resulting in a line of fine jewelry that is both timeless and sophisticated.
The Samurai Braided Cords come in Red, White/Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Multi-Color, ensuring versatility to complement any necklace from the KIMITAKE collection. These cords offer a unique blend of elegance and cultural significance.
Additionally, with KIMITAKE’s special service “ADEVE,” customers can order custom pair pieces, which split a raw diamond stone into halves and place them on separate jewelry of their choice. This symbolic act signifies an unbreakable bond between two individuals, whether they are couples, families, or friends, bound together by the shared presence of a diamond. Among the offerings is the Samurai Braided Cord Bracelet, representing the enduring connections forged through shared experiences and cherished relationships.