KIMITAKE expresses the miracle of birth, encounters between people,

and new emotions born from them, along with Japanese tradition.

No one can live alone.

Through interactions and mutual support, trust, friendship, and love are born, forming bonds.

This is the unique culture of Japan that cherishes harmony between people,

known as "wa no kokoro" (the spirit of harmony).

KIMITAKE infuses this tradition and contemporary flair,

offering life's beauty and joy with products that are the most elegant and the most exceptional.

Our Symbol

Everything KIMITAKE does is rooted in human connection,
which is why every piece of jewelry we make is crafted to incorporate our original HC design.
This unique symbol expresses the links and bonds between people, something that
we at KIMITAKE treasure above all else.


KIMITAKE Jewelry Designer
Kimio Fukutani

ジュエリーデザイナー ジュエリーデザイナー

Kimio Fukutani began designing jewelry while working for London jewelry brand THE GREAT FROG.
His work has garnered accolades at the A’ Design Award & Competition,
one of the world’ s top design competitions held in Italy each year.
In the 2022 competition, Fukutani was the only person in the world and the first Japanese to win the Platinum award in the Jewelry,
Eyewear and Watch Design Category.
Note: The A’ Design Award has been selected as one of the top ten jewelry awards in the world
Platinum A’ Design Award Winner Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Category, 2001-2022

Platinum A’Design Award Winner in Jewelry,Eyewear and Watch Design Category,2001-2022.