Pair jewelry,
diamonds in the rough shared among beloved partners


KIMITAKE has created a modern reinterpretation of the Adam and Eve story. Taking a fresh look at pair design, which traditionally has two people wearing jewelry of the same design,
KIMITAKE has taken the concept even further, going beyond jewelry solely for married couples and lovers,
making it into something that can be worn by friends or twins, a beloved child or grandchild,
a colleague at work or even a pet that is a member of the family.
This pair jewelry has a bisected octahedral rough diamond set into a favorite item. As you lay your eyes upon this jewelry,
you will feel emotion and be reminded of your loved one.
And even when apart, your thoughts will be of one another.Diamond-in-the-rough jewelry symbolizes the bond between you and the one you love,
and quietly accompanies you in your daily life.


This is the bond formed when two lives come together that is expressed in jewelry which shares two parts of a rough diamond. KIMITAKE has created “ADEVE,”
a new form of pair jewelry that takes its inspiration from a modern reinterpretation of the Adam and Eve story.
Adam and Eve is the story of the original humans created by God, as recorded in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. God created Adam and said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner.” So God created Eve from the rib of Adam. When the two shared an apple in the paradise God had given them, new emotions were born. People cannot live in isolation. They create new emotions when they encounter others, and their lives are colored by these emotions. The apple is like a diamond in the rough,
and the new emotions that arise when two people meet are imbued in the raw diamond they share.


The ADEVE collection uses extremely rare, premium-quality sawable rough diamonds. The stunning octahedron shape is completely natural,
with exceptional clarity and a glittering surface that looks as if it has been polished.
Rough diamonds form more than 150 kilometers below the earth’ s surface,
at unfathomable pressures 450 times that of our atmosphere and temperatures of 1,100 degrees Celsius.
Over the course of millions of years, a miraculous crystallization occurs among carbon atoms to create these gems. Rough diamonds born deep in the earth come to surface through volcanic eruptions,
and most are warped or destroyed in the process.
But every so often, a sawable diamond is miraculously preserved in its original crystal shape. Unpolished rough diamonds that have never been altered
by human hands are almost nonexistent on the market,
but KIMITAKE representatives go straight to the site managers
to procure only the finest sawable rough diamonds for our exquisite jewelry pieces.
These rough diamonds come into our care only through the intersection of countless near-impossibilities,
and each one is subtly unique in its color, shape, and inclusions.
Though they cannot be seen by the naked eye,each diamond has growth rings that are as unique as a human fingerprint. And like a human being, no two that are alike exist in all the world. Celebrate your unique existence and extraordinary partnership with a diamond as irreplaceable as each of you,
and as rare as the magic you create together.