After-Sales Service

At KIMITAKE, we want you to be able to use your precious jewelry with peace of mind for a lifetime,
We offer free and indefinite maintenance on all items in all collections to ensure a lifetime of peace of mind for your precious .
Please contact us for more information.

After-Sales Service Application

After-Sales Service Procedure

STEP 1. Initial Service Request


If you would like to apply for after-sales service, please prepare the following information,
Please contact us using the After-Sales Service Application Form.

Please enter your name, address, customer ID (registered e-mail address), and desired service.
Name ・Address ・Customer ID (registered e-mail address) ・Service desired

STEP 2. Confirmation Email

You will receive a confirmation email from us confirming the details of your service request.

STEP 3. Jewelry Shipment

Please send the product to jewelry in a case or wrapped in cushioning material and leave a copy of the shipping receipt with the customer.
Please send the item(s) in a case or cushioning material by "Pay-on-Delivery" shipping method that will leave a shipping receipt in your possession.
We will contact you by e-mail with the shipping address.

*Customers are responsible for shipping fees for pieces requiring maintenance and repairs.
*Packages sent via regular post are not tracked, and therefore may become lost.
*Please send packages within 2 weeks over receiving a confirmation email from us. Please be sure to hold onto your tracking information in case shipping is delayed so we can confrim the status and location of your package.

STEP 4. Checking the sent items

After checking the condition of the product, we will contact you by e-mail, We will contact you by e-mail to make arrangements for repair.

Please contact us by e-mail to inquire about the repair period.

[Service Fees]
If service fees are required for your piece, we will send you an estimate along with an explanation for the cost.
We will begin working on your piece immediately after the quote is accepted and payment is confirmed.

If we are unable to service your piece, we will contact you and let you know the reason.

STEP 5. Sending Jewelry Back to Customer

Upon completing service, we will send jewelry back to the customer using the postal service of your choosing.