This is a traditional craft “Iga braided cord” originally from Iga City in Mie Prefecture. For many centuries, braids have been considered very auspicious in ‘‘Japan.” ‘‘Kumihimo”, which is made by weaving many threads together, is thought to lead to tying relationships and people together. At KIMITAKE, since the Iga Kumihimo has such a long history and has inherited the tradition to the present, in order to express the miracle of birth (double helix DNA) that KIMITAKE cherishes, it is custom-made in a twisted shape. We express the importance of human connection with jewelry.


From around 1185 to around 1867, Kumihimo was mainly used within weapons during the Samurai era andthe demand for decorative cords for Japanese swords surged changing the Kumihimo use from artistic to practical.As a result, Iga braids have been recognized by the country as having historical and cultural value.In 1976, it was designated as a traditional craft by the Mie Prefecture Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

About Iga (Mie)

Iga is a unique city which birthed the culture of the Kumihiro. The climate and environmental conditions of Iga were ideal for silk thread and silkworms,which are sensitive to temperature and humidity.Silkworms thrive in the basin of Iga and nearby Kyoto, which is the home of kimono manufacturing.Originally, the technique of braiding was not made public, there are even factories that have patterns that are kept private.Iga, which is also known as the origin of ninjas, has a regional characteristic of strictly keeping secrets, which matched the culture of this style of braiding.

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